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Radius Limited Edition, rear bike rack - 2 bikes

Radius Limited Edition, rear bike rack - 2 bikes


  • Fast and easy to assemble, no drilling or tools required.
  • 30mm ø round aluminium tube construction.
  • Supporting pads in soft antislip rubber.
  • Support channels in anodised aluminum with sliding wheel housing equipped with quick-fix straps.
  • Adjustable frame by means of sturdy front joints for perfect adaptability to any vehicle.
  • 6 double-acting straps to increase tightness and fastening force.
  • Side straps equipped with anti-detachment shock absorbers.
  • Safe and reliable carrier suitable for up to 2/3 bicycles.
  • Suitable for most triangular-frame bicycles.
  • Can be folded when travelling empty
  • Included: Pac-Arm quick-fit arms with lock

Bicycles must not obstruct the visibility of the license plate and lights, even partially.
In this case it is necessary the use of art. 41524 plate and lights replicator.

GS-TÜV max 45 kg

GS-TÜV max 45 kg