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Kargo accessories

Additional components for commercial vehicle roof bars, designed for the Kargo steel bar series, stand out for various functionalities.

K-1, pair of load stops - 11 cm
K-2, pair of load stops - 23 cm
U-5, Ladder stopper belt (pair)
U-6, Ladder step adapter

Accessories for steel roof bars

Among these is the rear cargo roller, designed to simplify loading and unloading operations of sizable items in hard-to-reach positions. Another important element is represented by load stops, devices designed to securely fasten transported items on the bars.

Additionally, aerodynamic deflectors are available, which contribute to improving the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle, thus reducing air resistance and potentially increasing fuel efficiency. To ensure a secure hold of items on the bars, load securing straps are also provided, representing an additional safety feature during transportation.

Finally, for those in need of a solution suitable for transporting equipment on a larger scale, a ladder stopper belt is available, designed to offer greater versatility in using Kargo roof racks.

The wide range of accessories helps meet various transportation needs, while also providing practical and reliable solutions for those who need to transport items of various sizes and types.