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ABS roof boxes

Roof boxes are the smart solution to meet transportation needs when space inside the car is limited.
Made of durable UV-protected ABS, we offer a diverse range of boxes, available in various sizes, colors, and capacities, from 280 to 630 liters.

Box 330, ABS roof box
Box 333, ABS roof box
Box 430, ABS roof box
Box 430D, ABS roof box
Box 530, ABS roof box
Box 530D, ABS roof box
Box 630, ABS roof box
Box 630D, ABS roof box

Roof boxes for cars: extra space for every need

Opting for a car roof box means adding protected cargo space, providing you with valuable additional space as if it were inside the car. Free up the interior of the car for more comfortable travels, allowing you to transport luggage, sports equipment, and other items with ease while avoiding soiling or damaging the vehicle.

Robustness serving security

Our sturdy design ensures maximum protection for your items during travel. Made with weather-resistant materials, our car roof boxes keep your items safe and dry, regardless of weather conditions. Integrated locks provide maximum security for your luggage, protecting them from unwanted theft during stops.

Auto roof boxes with intuitive mounting and improved aerodynamics

Thanks to the intuitive design, mounting and dismounting the roof box is simple and immediate. Save valuable time and enjoy the convenience of a system that is easy to install and remove from the roof bars. The improved aerodynamics of our roof boxes result in a significant reduction in noise during travel and higher fuel efficiency. Travel in tranquility without compromising your vehicle's performance.