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Van roof bars

The Kargo-System roof racks represent innovation in the world of commercial vehicle transport, offering a tailored solution that integrates safety, durability, versatility, functionality, and elegance.
This line of transport systems has been specially designed to meet professional needs, ensuring reliable performance and impeccable design.

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Kargo, steel roof bar
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Professional transport: variants

Commercial vehicle roof bars are available in two main versions: steel and aluminum. This choice allows professionals to adapt the system to their preferences and vehicle specifications. Steel offers exceptional strength and durability, while aluminum stands out for its lightweight construction and resistance to corrosion.

To ensure flawless installation on any vehicle, Kargo-System offers a wide range of mounting kits specific to each vehicle model. Alternatively, for vehicles with rain gutters, specially designed feet can be used.

Professional roof bars: accessories

When it comes to safely and conveniently transporting bulky loads, commercial vehicle roof racks are an essential element for vehicles of all kinds. Among the various options available on the market, Kargo steel roof bars stand out, not only providing a sturdy support base but also designed for optimal compatibility with dedicated Kargo accessories. Specific Kargo accessories for Kargo roof bars ensure a perfect fit, allowing for the safe attachment and transport of equipment and luggage.

On the other hand, for those opting for the Kargo-Plus professional roof bars, it's important to note that there are dedicated accessories designed specifically for this model. Kargo-Plus roof bars offer advanced functionality and superior versatility, and Kargo-Plus accessories are designed to maximize the utility of these bars. In this way, whether it's transporting sports equipment, luggage, or any other cargo, professional roof bars become the ideal solution to meet the needs of those who want to combine convenience, safety, and quality design in the transport of their goods.