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Van roof rack systems

Kargo-System is the specially designed transport system for commercial vehicles.
Safety, durability, versatility, functionality, and elegance are the features that distinguish this line of professional-grade transport.

Van roof racks and roof bars: differences

How to choose the most suitable commercial carrying system for your needs

Innovation in professional transport

One of the main features of the Kargo system is the ability to choose between two versions: Kargo in steel o Kargo-Plus in aluminum.
Both options are designed with utmost attention to ensure unmatched durability while providing high-quality aesthetics.
This choice allows professionals to customize their commercial vehicle according to specific needs.

Mounting kit: the key to secure and customized installation

To ensure secure and customized installation, the Kargo system offers a wide range of mounting kits.
Each kit is specifically designed to fit a certain type of vehicle, ensuring perfect integration and stability of the transport system.