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Roof racks platforms for cars

Pre-assembled roof rack platforms, available in various sizes, provide a versatile solution for transporting equipment and luggage.
Equipped with longitudinal slats, these platforms allow for the transportation of a wide range of items.

LoadStop, T-Slot Mounted Loads Stops
EyeBolts, Heavy-Duty T-Slot Tie Down Points
OverHaul HD (Towers Only), Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Truck Bed Rack
OutPost HD (Towers Only), Mid-Height Heavy Duty Truck Bed Rack
Tonneau Kit, adaptor for OverHaul HD and OutPost HD
BedRock HD (towers only), Low-Profile Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Rack
Trim HD, pair of aluminium roof bars - MD - 152 cm
SideBar Short Bed, Side Rails For Overhaul HD And Outpost HD
Ladder Roller, T-Slot Mounted Load Assist Roller
RoadShower, portable pressurised water storage

Roof racks platforms for cars and pickup trucks

These platforms can be easily mounted on the roofs of cars and vans or directly onto the bed of a pickup truck. This flexibility allows for fully utilizing the cargo capacity of each vehicle, adapting to specific transportation needs.

T-Slot grooves for easy fastening

Car roof racks are designed with integrated T-slot grooves, offering a practical and secure system for fastening any load. These grooves not only facilitate fastening but also provide additional positions for mounting accessories, further enhancing the versatility of the roof rack platforms.