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Accessories designed for cargo fastening represent an essential component in the logistics and transportation equipment field.

Uni-Flex, pair of size adjustable stretch-cords with safety locks
Snap-Hook, pair of elastic cords with aluminium karabiners
Bungee Ball, elastic cords
X-Power, heavy duty stretch cord
Load-Net, cargo-net
FixPlus Nano, elastic fixing strap
FixPlus, elastic fixing strap
FixPlus, bicycle fixing kit
FixPlus, Elastic fixing strap with handle
Fixplus, counter display stand with 6 hooks
Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 500 cm
Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 5 m
G-1, steel round mount rings
G-2, steel round mount rings
G-3, forged cargo D-ring anchor
G-4, forged cargo d-ring anchor

Cargo and luggage fastening: available solutions

Among the available options are elastic cords, spider elastic cords, ropes, elastic nets, waterproof tarpaulins, and tension straps.

Elastic cords, characterized by their flexibility, are suitable for securely fastening loads of various sizes and shapes. These accessories are ideal for adapting to different transportation situations and ensuring that the loads remain securely anchored.

Spider elastic cords, with their intricate design and ability to expand and contract, offer a versatile solution for fastening complex loads. This type of cord is particularly suitable for securing items with irregular shapes or unconventional contours.

Ropes, with their strength and durability, are a traditional yet effective option for securing heavy loads. Their robustness makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring that loads are securely tied down during transportation.

Elastic nets represent a modern and efficient solution for fastening sizable loads. Their elasticity allows them to adapt to various shapes and sizes, while also providing a secure support net.

Waterproof tarpaulins are crucial accessories for protecting loads from adverse weather conditions during transportation. These tarps ensure that water-sensitive materials remain dry and in optimal condition.

Finally, tension straps offer a reliable method for tightening and securing loads safely. Their ability to adjust tension makes them suitable for a variety of fastening situations, helping to maintain load stability during transportation.

In summary, the diversified range of cargo fastening accessories provides solutions suitable for any logistical need, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of materials.