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Dog and luggage car barrier

Steel car divider grids provide an optimal solution for achieving a clear and sturdy separation in the trunk area without obstructing the view through the rearview mirror.

Premium-Guard, car dog guard and barrier
Fit-Kit A, headrest fit-kit

Dog and luggage car barrier

These grids offer an effective barrier that is particularly useful during the transportation of pets or various items. Their design prevents the unwanted passage of these elements into the passenger area, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

The strength of the steel they are composed of ensures that the grid maintains its structural integrity both in everyday use and in more demanding situations.

A significant aspect of steel divider grids is their flexibility of use, adapting to the specific needs of transportation. Whether it's ensuring the safety of pets or protecting transported items, these grids prove to be versatile and functional.

In summary, steel car divider grids are a reliable and practical choice for those seeking an effective solution in managing trunk space, while also providing an additional safety element during the transportation of diversified loads.