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Ski racks represent the ultimate solution for transporting skis and snowboards on the roof of the car, ensuring safety and convenience on every journey.

Extension, ski carrier spacers kit
Myura Carving, magnetic ski-carrier
FatCat 4 Evo black, ski carrier
Fatcat 6 Evo silver, ski carrier
FatCat 6 Evo Black, ski carrier

Ski rack for roof bars: advanced technology for every weather condition

Made of aluminum alloy, these accessories are designed to resist corrosion and maintain high performance even in extreme cold conditions. The aluminum alloy used in the construction of Nordrive ski racks not only makes them lightweight but also ensures superior corrosion resistance.

Wide choice for every need

With our wide range of colors and sizes, you can choose the size of the ski carrier based on the equipment and the number of skis/snowboards you wish to transport. Whether you practice slalom, cross-country skiing, or carving, we have the tailor-made solution for you.

Simple and secure mounting

Our standard ski carriers are designed to be mounted on roof bars, ensuring secure and stable fastening during transport without ever touching the car's bodywork. Magnetic ski carriers, on the other hand, come into direct contact with the vehicle's roof, do not require the installation of roof bars, and still ensure a perfect grip.