Silenzio, pair of aluminium roof bars - L - 128 cm


  • Anodized aluminium alloy wing profile bar equipped with T-track slot.
  • Front profile in rubber designed to eliminate the resonance effect of air flows and amplify the aerodynamic and functional efficiency of the wing profile as well as giving the car an innovative and distinctive design.
  • New patented “press-to-open” PTO system that allows the insertion of quick “T” connectors without having to remove the terminal.
  • Rubber profiles for sealing the lower tracks after the installation.
  • Lower tracks for the connection and the sliding of the feet. Under-bar with foot position measurements for a quick installation.

Depending to the mounting system, the pair of bars can be applied to the car by adding:

  • On the roof, the Evos Set (universal) and the Fitting Kits (specific)
  • On standard rails, the Rail Kit Alu
  • on flush rails, the appropriate In-Rail Kit Alu

    CAPACITY: This item is a component of the EVOS modular system. The maximum capacity to be considered is always that of the component with the lowest capacity.
    This limit is subordinate, however, to the maximum load shown in the vehical's user and maintenance manual.
    Maximum load means: weight of the bars + weight of any applied accessories + weight of the transported load.