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ABS roof boxes

Roof boxes for cars, developed to transport luggage and general cargo

Roof boxes are developed to transport luggage, skiing equipment and general cargo. A must, whenever the load capacity of the car is limited. They are made of thick ABS with UV protection, available in different sizes, colors and capacities (from 330 to 630 liters).
Why you should opt for a roof box: extra space, available for luggage, sports equipment and other items, freeing up the interior of the car for more comfortable journeys; sturdy design, thanks to weather-resistant materials, our roof boxes protect your luggage and keep everything safe and dry; simple installation, thanks to the intuitive design, the assembly and disassembly of the roof box is quick and easy, allowing you to save precious time; improved aerodynamics, which results in reduced noise during travel and improved fuel efficiency; safety, the locks keep your luggage safe from theft and give you peace of mind during your trips.

Box 280, ABS roof box
Box 330, ABS roof box
Box 333, ABS roof box
Box 430, ABS roof box
Box 430D, ABS roof box
Box 530, ABS roof box
Box 530D, ABS roof box
Box 630, ABS roof box
Box 630D, ABS roof box