ABS roof boxes

Roof boxes

Roof boxes are developed to transport luggage, skiing equipment and general cargo.
A must, whenever the load capacity of the car is limited. Made of thick ABS with UV protection, with embossed gray finish or 3 trendy shiny black/grey/white finish.
Available in different sizes and capacities (from 330 to 630 liters).

  • ABS with anti-scratch acrylic methacrylate. Impact-proof UV-resistant ABS plastic.
  • 4 mm thickness at origin.
  • Central locking system with 2 or 3 fastening points.
  • Opening system: metal callipers with contrast spring.
  • Fitting system to the bars: double set of “U” hooks (4x60 mm + 4x92 mm)
  • Included: instructions manual + 2 fixing straps for holding the cargo

Calliper with contrast spring Calliper with contrast spring
Central locking system Central locking system
Straps Straps

Box 330

TUVRoof boxes

330 litri

N60000 Embossed grey
N60001 Shiny silver
N60002 Shiny black
N60003 Shiny white
N60004 Embossed black

Box 430 / 430D

TUVRoof boxes Roof boxes

430 litres

N60010 Embossed grey
N60011 Shiny silver
N60012 Shiny black
N60013 Shiny white
N60016 Embossed black

430D Double opening system

N60014 Shiny silver
N60015 Shiny black

Box 530 / 530D

TUVRoof boxes Roof boxes

530 litres

N60020 Embossed grey
N60021 Shiny silver
N60022 Shiny black
N60023 Shiny white
N60019 Embossed black

530D Double opening system

N60024 Shiny silver
N60025 Shiny black

Box 630

TUVRoof boxes

630 litres

N60026 Shiny silver
N60027 Shiny black

630D Double opening system

N60028 Shiny silver
N60029 Shiny black

Box 280


280 litres

N60110 Embossed black

Box 410


410 litres

N60120 Embossed black

Display rack for 3 Box

With sliding central shelf

N60000DX Spare part right calliper
N60000SX Spare part left calliper
N60000K Spare part standard fit kit

Quick-fit kit