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Complete range of accessories for securing cargo and luggage

Quality accessories for securing the transported products. Tie Down straps, Elastic cords, ropes, nets, tarpaulins...

Uni-Flex, pair of size adjustable stretch-cords with safety locks
Snap-Hook, pair of elastic cords with aluminium karabiners
Bungee Ball, elastic cords
X-Power, heavy duty stretch cord
Load-Net, cargo-net
FixPlus Nano, elastic fixing strap
FixPlus, elastic fixing strap
FixPlus, bicycle fixing kit
FixPlus, Elastic fixing strap with handle
Fixplus, counter display stand with 6 hooks
Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 500 cm
Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 5 m
G-1, steel round mount rings
G-2, steel round mount rings
G-3, forged cargo D-ring anchor
G-4, forged cargo d-ring anchor