Kargo-Plus accessories

Heavy-duty roof bars series for commercial vehicles. Bars are available in steel and aluminium version to be combined with various modular foot kits according van model.
An extended range of accessories are available for professional users, including rear rollers, load stops, wind deflectors, ladder stopper belts and ladder step adapters.

“T” connectors for Kargo-Plus bars

Specific for assembling all rotating lamps with DIN base (base not included)

N99954 “T” connectors for Kargo-Plus barsView details
“T” connectors for Kargo-Plus bars

Roller + Extension kit

Specially designed accessory to make loading and unloading possible and easy also on those vehicles having the bar far away from the rear edge of the roof.
Universal, it mounts under the roof bars of any Kargo
and Kargo-Plus series
(A space of at least 45 mm is need between the roof
and the bar)

N11020 U-0, Roller + Extension kit - 64 cmView details
N11021 U-7, Roller + Extension kit - 96 cmView details
Roller + Extension kit

Kargo roller

Metal core with plastic sheath.
Makes it easy to load up and download long objects from the rear of the vehicle.

N11030 KP-0, Kargo roller - 64 cmView details
N11034 KP-7, Kargo roller - 96 cmView details
Kargo roller

Aero Kargo-Plus Deflector

Wind deflector kit for Kargo-Plus roof bars.

  • Improves aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • Helps increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Reduces wind-noise while driving.
  • Aluminium.
  • Flexible, adapting to the curve of the roof.
  • Adjustable extension and angle.
  • Suitable for small vans (e.g. Doblò, Fiorino, Bipper, Kangoo, ecc.)
N11057 KP-9, Aero Kargo-Plus Deflector - 95 cmView details
N11058 KP-11, Aero Kargo-Plus Deflector - 110 cmView details
Aero Kargo-Plus Deflector

KP-1, pair of load stops

Easy to move in the T-track along the bar and adjust according to the load.
Keep the non-bulky load firmly in place and prevents it from sliding.

N11031 KP-1, pair of load stopsView details
KP-1, pair of load stops

KP-4, pair of load stops

Stainless steel made. Suitable for fixed positioning on the bars by self-locking nuts. Keep the bulky load firmly in place and prevent it from sliding.

N11036 KP-4, pair of load stopsView details
KP-4, pair of load stops

KP-3, pair of eye-bolts

Steel made, may be used in the top or side T-tracks. To be used for securing the load, in combination with ratchet tie down.

N11033 KP-3, pair of eye-boltsView details
KP-3, pair of eye-bolts