Quality accessories for securing the transported products. Tie Down straps, Elastic cords, ropes, nets, tarpaulins...

Bungee Ball, elastic cords, 20 pcs set - 20 cm - Ø 6 mm

Suitable for tarpaulins, tents, luggage and other itemps which require anchoring
60180 20cm - Ø 6mm

Snap-Hook, pair of elastic cords with aluminium karabiners

100 cm legth, Ø 8 mm

Uni-Flex, pair of size adjustable stretch-cords with safety locks

Ø 8 mm. Size adjustable 20-150 cm. With safety locks

Spider elastic cords, 8 arms

8 arms of 40 cm with connection ring. High-tensile heat-treated metal hooks with plastic coating
60309 Ø 8mm
60310 Ø 10mm

Slim elastic straps Ø 8 mm

Plastic coated metal hooks with anti-scratch caps
60181 2x60cmØ 8mm
60191 2x80cmØ 8mm
60201 2x100cmØ 8mm
60211 2x150cmØ 8mm
60221 2x200cmØ 8mm

X-Power, heavy duty stretch cord

High-tensile, 3x stronger than conventional cords. 4 mm coated steel hooks, won’t bend, break, scratch or mark

Standard elastic cords Ø 10 mm

Latex straps with nylon PP webbing. Hardened metal hooks with epoxy coating and anti-scratch caps
60182 2x60cmØ 10mm
60192 2x80cmØ 10mm
60202 2x100cmØ 10mm
60212 2x150cmØ 10mm
60222 2x200cmØ 10mm

High-quality stretch cord

Multi purpose for: home, camping, farm, boat, truck, garden...
60250 50mØ 8mm
60251 50mØ 10mm

Set 10 metal hooks + clamps

Plastic coating and anti-scratch caps. For high-quality stretch cords
60252 For stretch cords Ø 8mm
60253 For stretch cords Ø 10mm

Spider-Net multipurpose elastic net

May be used as roof-rack net, trunk net, dog/cargo net... Ø 4,5 mm, size cm 90x120, 12 hooks, 10 cm mesh

Load-Net, cargo-net

With elasticized edges. To secure the transported goods. For basket, roofracks, trailer, vans and trucks
60311 250x140cmØ 3mm
60312 300x200cmØ 3mm

Polyethylene tarpaulin

Washable, metal eyelets, plastic corners, mildew proof, laminated woven, reinforced edges, UV stabilised

500 cm tie down strap

Max 500N

Set 2 tie down straps - 250 cm

Max 130daN
60150 2x250cm

500 cm ratchet tie down strap

Ratchet tie down strap - 450+50 cm

With two ”S” hooks.

Tie down strap - 500+20 cm

With two ”S” hooks.
60159 500+20cm

Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 500 cm

Width strap 25 mm, 125 daN. Rubber grip ratchet. Plastic coated hooks for the secure fastening of transported cargo

Pro-Safe, heavy duty ratchet tie-down straps set - 5 m

Width strap 35 mm. Rubber grip ratchet. Plastic coated hooks for the secure fastening of transported cargo